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Isuzu is one of the world’s most famous vehicle brands, and maintaining and servicing your vehicle using genuine parts is an important factor in ensuring performance and safety. In this context, An Giang is not only one of the rapidly developing provinces in Vietnam but also a place with increasing demand for cars. This increases the attractiveness of the auto parts market, especially genuine Isuzu parts.

Purchasing genuine spare parts is a decision that greatly affects the durability and performance of your Isuzu vehicle. Here are some reasons why choosing genuine spare parts is a smart choice:

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The importance of Genuine Isuzu Parts in An Giang

  1. Quality Guaranteed:

Genuine parts are manufactured to strict quality standards, ensuring that they meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications. This means you will receive high quality products, helping to prolong the life of your vehicle and reduce the risk of breakdowns.

  1. Perfect Compatibility:

Genuine spare parts are designed to work perfectly with your Isuzu vehicle. The use of non-genuine parts can lead to compatibility issues, affecting performance and safety.

  1. Reliable Warranty:

Many genuine spare parts are supported by a warranty policy, bringing peace of mind to consumers. In case of any problem, you can rest assured that it will be returned or repaired according to the warranty policy.

  1. Effective Maintenance:

Using genuine spare parts during regular maintenance helps maintain stable vehicle performance and operability. This not only keeps the car running well but also minimizes the risk of a sudden breakdown.

  1. Added Value:

Although the cost of genuine parts may be higher than non-genuine parts, this investment will pay off greatly in protecting and maintaining your vehicle.

Isuzu oil filter

In the engine system of a car, the oil filter plays an important role in removing impurities and dirt that can harm the engine. Isuzu oil filter is an important spare part used in Isuzu vehicles. In this article, we will learn about the role of the Isuzu oil filter and how to perform oil filtering properly.

The role of Isuzu oil filter

Isuzu oil filters are designed to remove impurities such as dust, residue, and compounds that can harm the engine. It helps protect vital engine parts from wear and tear caused by impurities. In addition, the oil filter also helps maintain the cleanliness of the oil by removing contaminants that may appear in the engine oil.

Furthermore, Isuzu oil filters also help improve engine performance. When the oil is purified, it can circulate more effectively through the system, providing enhanced lubrication and cooling of critical components. This helps prolong the life of the engine and reduces the risk of damage due to wear.

How to properly filter oil

To ensure the Isuzu oil filter operates effectively, the following steps must be followed:

Find out the right type of oil filter: Before changing the oil filter, you need to learn about the type of oil filter suitable for your Isuzu vehicle. Different vehicle models may require different types of oil filters, so check your owner’s manual or consult the manufacturer.

Prepare the necessary tools: To perform oil filtering, you need to prepare tools such as oil pipes, oil filter wrenches, and new sealant.

Place a container under the engine: Before removing the oil filter, place a container under the engine to catch old oil and avoid contaminating the environment.

Remove the old oil filter: Use the oil filter wrench to remove the old oil filter. Make sure the tank is properly positioned to catch old oil.

Replace new oil filter: After the old oil filter has been removed, replace it with a new oil filter. Before installing the new oil filter, apply new sealant to the contours of the oil filter.

Tighten the oil filter: Use the oil filter wrench to tighten the new oil filter. Make sure the oil filter is tightened enough to avoid oil leaks.

Add new oil: After the oil filter has been replaced, add new oil according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The oil filtration process needs to be done properly and periodically to ensure stable operation of the engine. If you are not confident in filtering oil, go to a professional auto repair shop for advice and implementation.


Isuzu oil filters play an important role in protecting and improving engine performance. Proper oil filtration is an important process to ensure stable engine operation. Please follow the steps and go to a professional auto repair shop if you are not confident in doing it.

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Summary of genuine Isuzu spare parts content

In An Giang, finding and purchasing genuine Isuzu parts can be done through authorized Isuzu dealers or genuine auto parts stores. This ensures that you receive quality products and services professional support.

All in all, caring for your Isuzu vehicle with genuine parts is not just about routine maintenance, but also an investment in the safety and performance of your beloved vehicle.


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